attila rath geber

en courant / au courant

[ courir, cours, parcours, course, curro, currere, curriculum ;
courant, qui court, qui n’est pas encore dû ; en courant, être en cours de courir… en mouvement ;
au courant, dans le mouvement ;
au cours, occur, occurrent, occurrence … ]

Sculpture in its conventional sense, especially stone sculpture, is out of contemporary artistic tendencies. This could be a good and inevitable argument taking questions opening a vast field to my own research. It is a disposition of emptiness. Above external factors and the practices, the reasons for this neglect may certainly related to the concrete problems of sculpture ... The conventional sculpture is exceedingly closed and his correspondence with his entourage is extremely reduced. I consider that the problem is partially attached to the physical character of the sculpture, the quality of being object and the occupation that this property entails. During the last years, I have formed several concepts while searching solutions for the inconveniences around sculpture. I wanted to reinvent the object sculpture with decomposition of form and the usual considerations regarding the matter, while inevitably confronting the reality that the matter requires the form and any even amorphous form is necessarily expressed by matter. Recognizing that any concept on this topic could be followed even by its contrary, I tend towards a more consequently intuitive attitude, a method rather metaphysical, empirical.