attila rath geber

photo - installation [213 photos 10x10 cm, text]
2004 - 2005

Institute of Contemporary Art , Dunaújváros, Hungary.
[04. 2005]

" The theme of notes2 is Marseille; an attempt to a subjective documentation of a place, or a document of the development of a relation to a place. In this project, I exposed a little more than 200 photos and texts applied on the wall.

Given from the thematic I do not want to show up extensive pictures, since I do not want to demonstrate or illustrate something. On these pictures small, seemly insignificant ordinary situations, objects and places appearing. They became interesting for me for any reason and they could be considered truth-wise either its subjective or objective aspect of the topic; an abstract description of a place. The applied text is an extract of a French course book (Cours de langue et de civilisation Françaises) edited in the 50s and in fact written traces of my French lessons. The reason of the exhibition arrangement is its subject. The text and the images has multiple and unfastened relations with the theme.

The subjectivity of the elaboration seems the only reliable reference element of this documentation. It is impossible to seize this place. Marseille offers unlimited possibilities taking thematic photographs, but for some reasons no one of them would be trustworthy. The subjects of these pictures are diverse; however, all of them are typical: topics of the frequently seen things. (there is surpising contrast comparing these images with the photographs of Andrée Kertész or Doisneau…) What is interesting to show from Marseille - which is remarkable - that is in the whole impression of all of these photos, it is in the tiny detail on a picture’s corner or in the relation with the text. The noise of the city, the smells, garbage and dog’s droppings on the streets or the sensation of danger the potential violence cannot be essentially shown; the subjective impressions are only very indirectly transmittable to the viewer who has not personal experiences. "

This project was exposed in April 2005 in the Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros, Hungary.