attila rath geber

- lambda prints
[silver gelatin prints from digital support - 100 x 75 cm each]

Stone waste. Specific features of the stone sculpture activity, these stone leftovers are typically showing up natural surface and the traces of industrial like elaboration. The big quantity of the rubble paradox likely characterizes the material aspects of sculpture, although theses stone-chips show up several elemental attribute of the artwork: they have direct relation with the activity; they are carrying the “marks of the artist’s hands”, additionally this direct physical relation, as “fragmented negatives of the artwork” seemly introduces a sort of “sacral” aspect for these stone pieces…
Opposing the extraordinaire quantity these stone pieces has a characteristic identity, typical formal quality – “individuality”. Beyond the physical and theoretical relations to the sculpture, they are possessing very strong references concerning the proper creating process. This waste characterizes more profoundly the act of creation as physical-intellectual action; they are more typical, more direct imprints of it than the completed artworks.
It is inspirating to rethink the status of the rubble and to set in a new context and while place them in exhibition situation analyze, sensitize the topic of sculpture/object, and the sculpture activity.